Holiday Travel Made Easier With Planning

Traffic is always heavier during the holiday season, and that can make long distance road trips take longer and be more stressful. Taking time to make a few preparations will make the trip more enjoyable both for you and your passengers. Follow these tips from the Jaguar El Paso service team to ensure a safer road trip expedition.

Before traveling, it is essential to have your oil changed, tire air pressure equalized and make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid. Map out your route before leaving, and program your route into the most current edition of GPS available. Pack snacks and bottled water so you can avoid unnecessary stops for fast food, but plan plenty of rest breaks to stretch your legs. Take along a few pillows and blankets for passengers to use, and bring some games that can be played in the car. Set the radio to a fun station and hit the road!

Call our Jaguar dealership in El Paso, TX today, and let us ready your vehicle for your trip.

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