Protect Your New Car by Securing Your Food

The holidays are a great time to share a meal with loved ones. At Jaguar El Paso, we want you to stay safe and avoid spilling food in your car while bringing a great dish to share. Here are some tips to keep your car clean this holiday season.

Pack the food you are transporting carefully. Even if you are only traveling a few miles, make sure that you use a container that seals tightly to avoid spills.

Insulate the food using towels to keep it warm. If there is a slight spill, the towels should be able to soak up the mess.

Use a box on the floor of your backseat to carry the food. Brace the food with towels to prevent the food from sliding around.

Avoid using lids such as tin foil, as these are not secure and won't keep in food if there is a messy spill.
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