Follow the Move Over Laws in Texas for Safety

Many of us may not even realize it, but all 50 states actually have "move over" laws on the books that require us to move over when there is an incident being attended to on the side of the road. These laws cover all response vehicles including the fire department, law enforcement, paramedics, and tow truck drivers. Basically, if you see any flashing lights up ahead, you should get ready to move over a lane to give them some extra room.

Of course, here at Jaguar El Paso, we would never want to encourage anyone to do anything on the road that results in an unsafe situation. So, as you approach, if it is not safe to switch lanes due to the traffic that the roadside incident is causing or the speed at which the traffic is moving, then don't force it. That could cause an additional accident. In that case, try just slowing down as you pass and give them as much room as you can.

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