Don't Neglect Getting Your Vehicle Tires Rotated

If you can find time to get the oil in your car changed, you can find time to get the tires rotated. Here are a few reasons to make this something you regularly do at Jaguar El Paso.

  • If the tires begin to wear unevenly because you didn't have the tires properly rotated, you run that risk of voiding out the warranty to have them replaced for free if they fail.
  • Uneven wear is a dangerous thing for you when driving on slick roadways because the car will have a difficult time gripping the roads now.
  • As the tire tread slowly wears unevenly, you may not even notice at first that the car is going to be pulling to one side which could lead to problems at high speed.

Bring the vehicle to our showroom at 1148 Airway Blvd, and our team will make sure to inspect and rotate your tires and get you back on your way!

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