Jaguar El Paso Urges You to Come to Aid of Harvey Victims


Everyone in Texas right now probably has one thing in common at the moment: Hurricane Harvey. Perhaps you were affected. If so, we deeply empathize with the strife you must be undergoing right now. Maybe you know friends or family who were affected. That's just as tragic. If not, and you're able, we urge you to help Hurricane Harvey victims. There are many ways you personally can help those affected, if you're able.

Donate To Harvey Victims

Following the above hyperlink, you can donate to Harvey Victims through Public Good. Your donation will support organizations such as the Houston Humane Society, Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, The Salvation Army, All Hands Volunteers, The American Red Cross, Best Friends, UMCOR, and The Habitat for Humanity among others.

Share Your Support or Your Story


If you're unable to provide financially, you can still share your support or your story on your social media accounts.

Donate Necessities, Toiletries, Nonperishable Food, and Other Supplies

There is not shortage of need throughout affected areas of Texas. Everything from baby products to feminine hygiene products to nonpershisable food, clothing and undergarments, and toys to keep kids occupied are needed. Please consider donating your money, time, or any items you can. Hurricane Harvey victims may not thank you directly, but rest assured, you will be helping the common good and filling an urgent need.

Here at Jaguar Austin we're always happy to provide new Jaguar buyers with the latest models such as the F-PACE, F-TYPE, XE, XF, and XJ. That being said, we astutely recognize the importance right now of banding together to help all those by Hurricane Harvey. Let's commit to doing all we can to support one another through what will be a trying time for many.


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