Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is a chemically-modified compound that, once used to grease your vehicle, provides benefits such as better performance, increased longevity, as well as gas-saving perks. It was developed by scientists who were looking to utilize no petroleum-based sources.

What was the last time you heard someone from El Paso discuss synthetic oil in great detail? Probably a while ago, if ever. This is because most drivers are unfamiliar with the concept of synthetic oil that has been scientifically modified for superior lubrication of our vehicles.

After visiting our service center at Jaguar El Paso, however, we could help clarify the bottom line of synthetic oil after we service your vehicle. All of our experts are versatile when it comes to methods that you can use to preserve your car. Thus, we can help you chose the most appropriate type of oil based on your vehicle's make, age, usage, and many other factors.
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