You Can't Go Without Tread On Tires

Driving is something that’s near and dear to most of us. If we didn’t have vehicles, getting anywhere would take significantly longer, if not exponentially longer.

Vehicles have many parts that all contribute to driving operation as normal. Some of these, like tires, are far more important than others, like air conditioners. You should keep your tires in good shape.

It’s been demonstrated that cars with 4/32 inches’ worth of tread or less lead to an increased incidence of accidents with other drivers on the road. You can test whether your tread is above this length by inserting a quarter into the tread. If the head of the facing figure isn’t reached, the tread is under 4/32 inches, and you should have them replaced.

Get on board with our certified mechanics, let them check your tire tread, and determine if you need new tires. Let our Jaguar El Paso technicians help you stay safe.
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