How Can You Figure Out If An Exhaust System Is Leaking?

As durable an exhaust system may be, the components don't last forever. Several mechanical woes contribute to the need to replace an exhaust system. An exhaust leak definitely is something to be vigilant about.

Looking at the exhaust manifold may reveal obvious leaks. The gaskets, in particular, could be leaking. Don't limit yourself to gaskets, though. When making a visual inspection, look at the entire exhaust system. Pay particular attention to the gaskets. Unfortunately, without a garage's vehicle lift, making a proper inspection becomes difficult.

Listen for weird hissing sounds as well. Hissing and popping that occurs when the engine runs may indicate a leak. Strange vibrations in the car could be connected to a leak, too. And keep an eye on the fuel gauge in relation to the odometer. Leaks may cause poor fuel mileage.

If you notice exhaust troubles while driving around El Paso, TX, bring the vehicle to Jaguar El Paso. Our pros can check out the system and see what's wrong.

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