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Why Does Tire Pressure Matter?

Your tire pressure is highly important to your vehicle's wellbeing. That is why we here at Jaguar El Paso wanted to ensure that you know the value of properly inflating your tires.

It is important to note that over inflating your tires is just as bad for them as under inflating them. Over inflation causes your tires to wear very unevenly and thus develop weak spots over time. Under inflation of your tires on the other hand cases your vehicle to have decreased fuel economy. This is because the car must work harder to do the same amount of…
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Car Tires: Temporary or Full-Size Spare Tires

Are you driving on a spare still? You may have an issue with a compact tire that is inaccurately handling the load of your vehicle. Small, donut tires are not meant to carry the load for more than 50 miles. These are not permanent replacements but an emergency tire that is meant to take you from the side of the road to the shop. Without a donut tire, you may be stranded on the road.

Dealerships often include a smaller compact tire as a temporary solution. The full-size tires are best for people who commute every day and go on…
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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs Repair

In addition to all of the routine maintenance that needs to be periodically performed on your vehicle there are some other repairs that will inevitably need to be done in order to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and have it run efficiently. You may occasionally notice that something seems different when you are driving your vehicle, and it is important that you don't overlook these issues no matter how minor they appear to be. If you feel your brake pedal seems loose, bring it in to our Jaguar El Paso service center so we can take a look…

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How Can You Figure Out If An Exhaust System Is Leaking?

As durable an exhaust system may be, the components don't last forever. Several mechanical woes contribute to the need to replace an exhaust system. An exhaust leak definitely is something to be vigilant about.

Looking at the exhaust manifold may reveal obvious leaks. The gaskets, in particular, could be leaking. Don't limit yourself to gaskets, though. When making a visual inspection, look at the entire exhaust system. Pay particular attention to the gaskets. Unfortunately, without a garage's vehicle lift, making a proper inspection becomes difficult.

Listen for weird...

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Tire Care

Whether you have selected a large SUV as your vehicle to purchase or you went with something a bit sportier, each vehicle comes with its own needs and maintenance requirements. When it comes to your tires, there are a few things you need to monitor and take care of regularly in order to protect your investment and make sure you and your family are safe when you drive.

Many new vehicles come with tire monitoring systems that will alert you when you tire pressure is low. You should also monitor these levels yourself every now and then. The most common…

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Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is a chemically-modified compound that, once used to grease your vehicle, provides benefits such as better performance, increased longevity, as well as gas-saving perks. It was developed by scientists who were looking to utilize no petroleum-based sources.

What was the last time you heard someone from El Paso discuss synthetic oil in great detail? Probably a while ago, if ever. This is because most drivers are unfamiliar with the concept of synthetic oil that has been scientifically modified for superior lubrication of our vehicles.

After visiting our service center...
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You Can't Go Without Tread On Tires

Driving is something that’s near and dear to most of us. If we didn’t have vehicles, getting anywhere would take significantly longer, if not exponentially longer.

Vehicles have many parts that all contribute to driving operation as normal. Some of these, like tires, are far more important than others, like air conditioners. You should keep your tires in good shape.

It’s been demonstrated that cars with 4/32 inches’ worth of tread or less lead to an increased incidence of accidents with other drivers on the road. You can test whether your tread is above this length…
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Schedule Your Next Maintenance Appointment Online

Now is the perfect time to use our online service scheduling app to make an appointment for your vehicle to get to the dealership for servicing. Here are a few things to expect once your car gets up on the lift and is inspected by a certified mechanic in El Paso, TX.

The fluids are all going to be drained, then replaced with a grade that is more durable for the season. The filters are going to be removed and then replaced with an OEM approved part. The tires are going to be carefully checked for any signs of wear…

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Holiday Travel Made Easier With Planning

Traffic is always heavier during the holiday season, and that can make long distance road trips take longer and be more stressful. Taking time to make a few preparations will make the trip more enjoyable both for you and your passengers. Follow these tips from the Jaguar El Paso service team to ensure a safer road trip expedition.

Before traveling, it is essential to have your oil changed, tire air pressure equalized and make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid. Map out your route before leaving, and program your route into the most current edition of GPS available…

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Why Water Cannot Replace Windshield Wiper Fluid

If you care about staying safe during your commute, then it is vital to keep your car's windshield clean. Bugs, debris, and dust can severely limit your visibility. Some drivers think that it is okay to replace their windshield wiper fluid with water. This is a huge mistake.

Water is known to freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which will render it useless for your windshield in winter weather. Windshield wiper fluid, however, freezes at a significantly lower temperature, allowing you to use it in chilly weather.

Windshield wiper fluid...

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